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We’re with you from design to execution.

There are a lot of moving parts involved in installing telecommunications systems. The bigger the scope of your project, the more moving parts there will be and the larger variety of decisions you’ll have to make.

All of this makes for an overly complicated and inefficient process that places a huge demand on you. To address this, over the years Waeco has used it’s experience in all facets of the telecom work to provide turnkey services that cover from the early stages of planning and design to permitting, construction, and splicing. ​We do the work that is needed in a fair, cost-effective manner.

Hiring a turn-key provider allows you to reduce the moving parts on your job and the likelihood of miscommunication and expensive errors. You can hand a project off to one source and not worry about it again rather than spending time, energy, and money trying to coordinate multiple contractors through each phase of a project.

OSP & ISP Telecom Support

As a turnkey telecommunications contractor, we offer the ability to perform all aspects of both Outside Plant (OSP) and Inside Plant (ISP) telecom work. This includes:

  • Underground construction
  • Cable placing
  • Splicing
  • Horizontal drilling
  • Aerial construction
  • Design services (Waeco Engineering)

On the engineering side, we can deliver:.

  • Construction prints for telecom projects
  • Traffic control plans
  • Permit acquisition of all kinds

Our team boasts experience with fiber, copper, and coax. We also utilize a Vactor truck as part of our fleet, giving us the ability to safely pothole or trench in areas that contain multiple utilities while keeping the risk of damage to a minimum.

Permit Consulting Services

Gather information in regards to permitting various municipalities, provide all documents for permitting projects, avoid delays due to not understanding what documentation is needed, coordinate and track a permit as it is processed, and manage deadlines or project delays.

Traffic Control Plans

Our traffic control plans help to: facilitate a seamless permit application, keep work zones safe, maximize productivity, and minimize the impact on local traffic while following all the guidelines of the MUTCD as well as local jurisdiction rules.

Service Area

We provide engineering services for projects throughout Washington and Oregon.

Our engineering design firm provides you with permit consulting services that allow you to work seamlessly across various municipalities. We create custom traffic control plans that create safe work zones in any area, and our construction management services were designed to maximize your profits when it comes to telecommunication jobs.

"When I first took over Seattle, Portland as the lead engineer, I inherited several past-due construction projects from as far back as four years. Within 7 months, Redlines had my division 100% caught-up and was taking on anything new that came our way - on top of that, they were delivering on average of 20 days prior to the commitment dates! We could not have done it without the dedication and support of Aaron and Spencer; their high-level problem solving, attention to detail, and dedication to getting the job done is unmatched.”

Todd Hurdd

A Trusted Contractor

Over the years Waeco has developed strong relationships with a wide variety of different customers from large publicly traded companies to homeowners seeking to park a dumpster in front of their house.

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Wave | Crown Castle | Mickelo Construction | Welwest Construction |
TCL Partners | Joe Simmons Construction

Need a telecommunications partner who will be by your side every step of the way, helping you to cut costs while ensuring the job is done right? Get in touch with us.